Small, Powerful, Secure, Edge Server

Wireless, IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi, Cellular

strati-fi™ controllers are designed to run on the Opendiem Energy Management Platform.

Building Clouds' Control Kits: The sky’s the limit!


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Complete Office Control

The small package makes the strati-fi easy to install in tight places.

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Phone Home Technology

Quickly and securely connect to a wireless network. 802.11b/g/n or cellular.

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Modbus Communication

In addition to other BMS devices, connect to and control Modbus devices.



"The strati-fi22 allows us to monitor multiple HVAC systems simultaneously. Installation is very quick and minimally invasive to rooftop equipment. Fault detection and out of specification alerts are sent to email or Smart Phones within minutes."

building clouds Brian Durwood EconomizerPro.com

"strati-fi products allow Energy ETC to quickly and affordably build energy management systems for our clients. Getting access to the data our customers need is simple and fast."

Rick Costanza Rick Costanza VP Operations, Energy ETC, Inc

"We developed strati-fi to enable retail franchises, hospitality, and corporate satelite offices to save money. This is a much needed platform for small businesses."

Bob Wallace Robert Wallace Co-Founder, Building Clouds